Jakub Jan Ryba
1765 - 1815
Czech Republic
J.Š.J. Ryba
Jakub Šimon Jan [Jakub Jan] Ryba [Peace or Poisson, also: Rybaville] (26/10/1765 - 08/04/1815), a Czech composer and teacher, born in Přestitz (Přeštice, Bohemia). died in Rožmital (Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, Bohemia).
Jakub Šimon Jan Ryba (1765–1815) was a Czech teacher and composer. An insufferable lack of money and the hostility of his superiors led him to suicide. On April 8, 1815 Ryba attended morning mass. Later, he was found in a dense forest, his throat cut with a razor. He had Essay on peace of soul by Seneca the Younger, his favourite author, at his side.
Requiem (7x)
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:masses
Text/libretto:Latin mass
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