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Csaba Deák
1932 - 2018
Picture Picture
C. Deák
Csaba Deák (16/04/1932 - 23/02/2018) comes from Hungary, where he was born in 1932, but he came to Sweden already in 1957, and even studied with the Swedish maestro Hilding Rosenberg. His works for wind instruments have earned him the most attention, but he has composed many pieces for other settings too.
Memento mare
Composed in:1995
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the victim of the Estonia
Label(s):Nosag Records nosagcd 053
“Memento mare” (1995) starts like a psalmistic melody, and it is a serious, sorrowful composition, a requiem in commemoration of all those who lost their lives in the horrible catastrophe that took place in the Baltic Sea in September 1994, when the ship Estonia sank, killing more than eight hundred unsuspecting people in a fall storm. This piece is written for mixed choir and wind orchestra, and the text is indeed from the Catholic mass for the dead, the Requiem. This is a moving, thoughtful piece, that strikes many emotions in all of us who went through this trauma which still affects us till this day, like the catastrophe at Tjernobyl or the murder of Olof Palme – three recent traumas, hard to deal with.
Contributor:Peter Ritskes
Estonia in better days