Desiderius Demény
1871 - 1937
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D. Demény
Desiderius Demény (29/01/1871 - 09/11/1937), a Hungarian composer. He was ordained as a priest at Gran in 1893; became court chaplain (1897). On three different occasions he won the Geza Zichy Prize (with Ungarische Tanzsuite, Festouverture, and Rhapsodie). In 1902 he founded Zeneközlöny, an important Hungarian music journal. Among his compositions were 8 masses, Hungarian Suite for Chorus, Scherzo for Men’s Chorus, 2 Bilder aus Algier, Serenata sinfonica, Der sieghafte Tod, operetta, several melodramas, and many other choral and vocal WORKS, including about 100 songs (most to German texts).
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