Louis Alphonse Lavallée-Smith
1873 - 1912
L.A. Lavallée-Smith
Louis Alphonse [Alphonse] Lavallée-Smith (17/04/1873 - 23/07/1912), a Canadian organist, teacher, composer, from Berthierville. He was the son of Dr Wenceslas Smith and Zénobie Lavallée (first cousin of Calixa Lavallée). When his family moved to St-Thomas-de-Pierreville he completed his academic education 1886-93 at the Nicolet Seminary and studied music with Octave Hardy (dit Chatillon). Lavallée-Smith served three years as organist at the Nicolet Cathedral. He then settled in Montreal, where he studied with Romain-Octave Pelletier while making his living as a music salesman. He was assistant organist at St-Jacques Church before assuming the same position in 1896 at Notre-Dame Church. He left that year for Paris, however, where he studied with Théodore Dubois, Eugène Gigout, Alexandre Guilmant, and Charles-Marie Widor. On his return near the end of 1897, he became organist at St-Henri Church and teacher of piano and harmony at the Collège de Montréal.
Composed in:1911c
Musical form:mass
A Requiem Mass, dating from the last years of Lavallée-Smith's life, was rehearsed under his direction but was performed for the first time at his funeral at St-Henri Church.