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Alfred Joseph Édouard Mignault
1895 - 1961
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A.J.E. Mignault
Alfred Mignault (08/12/1895 - 10/07/1961), a Canadian organist, composer, teacher, (born in St-Augustin-des-Deux-Montagnes, near Montreal). He took his first lessons with his mother, an organist and a pupil of R.-O. Pelletier. At the suggestion of his piano teacher Alfred La Liberté, whom he had met in 1916, he left university to devote himself to music. He continued his studies in piano with Léo-Pol Morin and in organ with Eugène Lapierre and Émile Lambert. He was briefly organist at the Montreal churches of St-Alphonse d'Youville, St-Étienne, Ste-Cunégonde, Ste-Catherine, and St-Georges, before serving 1924-57 as organist and 1944-57 as choirmaster at St-Enfant-Jésus Church. In 1937 he began broadcasting as organist and pianist on CBC radio. He was artistic director 1938-40 of 'L'Heure provinciale' on radio station CKAC, succeeding Henri Letondal. He was teacher of solfège and musical dictation 1943-61 at the CMM and director 1944-57 of voice and solfège teaching for the Montreal Catholic School Board.
Messe brève de requiem
Composed in:1944
Musical form:mass
Mignault's major work, a Messe brève de requiem for four equal voices and organ composed in 1944, was premiered the same year. He later orchestrated it.