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Peter Berring
1954 -
P. Berring (left)
Peter Berring -born as Bjerring- (06/02/1954) a Canadian (from Winnipeg) composer of Danish-Icelandic heritage, descended from Vitus Bering (1680-1741), the naval explorer after whom the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Bering Island are named. A resident of Vancouver, Berring excels in vocal composition, is an active jazz musician, and has also written film scores, pop songs and jingles. His works have been commissioned and performed by the Vancouver Cantata Singers (Jesus of Nazareth, Requiem), the National Youth Choir (Strings in Earth and Air), and The Tudor Singers of Montreal (Four Love Songs); in addition, the CBC commissioned his Alleluia for a performance by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Song of the Salish Chief, commissioned by the Vancouver Centennial Committee, has been performed by the Vancouver Cantata Singers in 1986 and the Saskatoon Chamber Singers in 1988.
Composed in:1990
Requiem (1990) for Soprano, SATB choir and orchestra.