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José de San Juan
1685 - c.1747
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J. de San Juan
José (Joseph) de San Juan (1685 - ca.1747), a Spanish Chapelmaster, musician and composer. He began his musical training in the Cathedral of Sigüenza ( Guadalajara ) until his voice changed and he moved to Madrid . There, in the Royal Chapel in Madrid , he was music teacher for the singing children and composer for the Chapel. With approximately 23 years of age, in 1708, José de San Juan was a cleric of minor orders, appearing, years later, as a candidate for the master of the chapel of the Royal Chapel of Madrid where he stood out with respect to the other candidates. José de San Juan obtained thirty points in the vote eighteen more than the second most voted, Antonio Yanguas. In 1711 he obtained the post as chapel master in the Descalzas Reales monastery , where he would coincide with José de Nebra as organist. The date of his death is uncertain although it is estimated around 1747.
Oficio de difuntos
Period:(unknown period)
Musical form:officium
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