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Luigi Bordese
1815 - 1886
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L. Bordese
Luigi Bordese (1815 - 17/02/1886), an Italian composer, born at Naples, Italy, died in Paris. Dramatic composer, pupil of the Conservatorio at Naples ; went in 1834 to Turin to bring out an opera which he had been commissioned to write, and thence to Paris, where, after repeated failures of his dramatic efforts, he devoted himself to the teaching and composition of vocal music. Works: Operas : Zelimo e Zoraide, given in Turin, 1834 ; La Mantille, Paris, Opera Comique, 1837 ; L'automate de Vaucauson, Jeanne de Naples (with Monpou), ib., 1840 ; I Quindici, Naples, Teatro San Carlo, 1842 ; Le Sultan Saladin, Paris, Opera Comique, 1847 ; Les deux bambins, ib., 1848 ; La Fioraia (1867) ; Three masses; A requiem; Motets ; Several vocal methods, and series of solfeggi, and hundreds of sacred and secular songs for single and concerted voices.
Misa Fúnebre
Musical form:mass
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