Peter Scharli
1955 -
P. Schärli
Peter Schärli (29/05/1955), a Swiss trumpet player and composer. He was born in Schötz in canton Lucerne. He has cooperated as either a composer or trumpeter in various theatre, circus and film productions and radio plays. Schärli has performed at numerous music and theatre festivals in Europe, South America, Africa, India and the former USSR. He currently performs with his two bands: ‘Peter Schärli Special Sextet featuring Glenn Ferris’ and ‘Peter Schärli Trio’. He performs as sideman in many formations and teaches at the ‘Musikhochschule in Luzern’ (Lucerne School of Music). As a musician Schärli has become a significant figure on the European music scene.
Requiem für die Unschuld
Composed in:1998
Musical form:free
Requiem für die Unschuld (1998) for brass quintet, voice, timpani or for trumpet, french horn or saxophone, trombone, piano, double-bass and percussion. Duration: 9'00".

♫ Requiem für die Unschuld
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