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Olivier Greif
1950 - 2000
O. Greif
Olivier Greif (03/01/1950 - 13/05/2000), a French composer, from Paris.
Composed in:1999
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English and Latin
Label(s):Triton TRI 331150
Requiem for unaccompanied soprano, mezzosoprano, 2 choirs (and organ). Composed in the year of his death. Texts: the Latin text, strophes of English songs and nursery rhymes.
Requiem contains:
- Requiem 4'26
- Kyrie 3'07
- Dies irae, Tuba mirum, Lacrymosa 3'58
- Benedictus 2'54
- Rex tremandae 6'31
- Sanctus 3'19
- Agnus Dei 7'53
Source:booklet of cd Triton TRI 331150