Torsten Stenius
1918 - 1964
T.H. Stenius
Torsten Harald [Torsten] Stenius (19/04/1918 - 09/03/1964), a Finnish composer and organist. He mainly wrote sacred vocal works such as cantatas, oratorios and the Svenskt requiem (Swedish[-language] requiem), but being a church organist by profession, he also wrote organ works.
One of the most important periods of the life of the Olaus Petri Choir (Olaus Petrikören) was the period 1943 -1964, when the composer Torsten Stenius was the conductor. The choir was Stenius' medium and gave first performances of his music. Stenius had already studied composition as a teenager under Bengt Carlsson and in 1947 he was the first Scandinavian to enter the Pontificio Istituto de Musica Sacra in Rome although he was not a Catholic. Stenius was firmly convinced that "the higher the level at which church music - music whose function is to support Christian worship - gets its inspiration from Gregorian chant, the closer it will come to perfection."
Source:booklet of cd FG Classics FGCD 1082
Svenskt requiem
Composed in:1950
Musical form:mass
In memory of:King Gustav V
Label(s):FG Classics FGCD 1082
Svenskt requiem (Swedish requiem) contains:
01. Introitus (2'31)
02. Kyrie (1'26)
03. Gloria (2'37)
04. Graduale (2'23)
05. Offertorium (2'03)
06. Sanctus (2'04)
07. Agnus Dei (1'51)
Source:booklet of cd FGCD 1082
Svenskt requiem (Swedish requiem) is a strong expression of the composer's belief in Gregorian chant. The mass is written a cappella for two choirs of four voices each, but with the exception of the "Graduale", which is for eight voices, the music is responsorial i.e. both the choirs sing in turn in a liturgical dialogue. The text are those for a requiem in Swedish, and the ordinarium texts - "Kyrie", "Gloria", "Sanctus", "Agnus Dei" are taken from the Swedish Church missal of 1942. Swedish requiem was composed and first performed for the memorial service for the Swedish King Gustav V held by the Olaus Petri parish in 1950. The requiem was also performed at the memorial service for King Gustav VI Adolf in 1973 and is regularly performed at the services on All Saints Day.
Source:booklet of cd FG Classics FGCD 1082
Contributor:Petri Vähätalo
King Gustav VI Adolf's funeral took place in Sweden. The Stenius Requiem was performed at his memorial service in Helsinki. The requiem was also performed at the memorial service for King Gustav VI Adolf in 1973 by the Olaus Petri Choir (conducted by Folke Forsman).
Author:Folke Forsman
Contributor:Petri Vähätalo
King Gustav V of Sweden, Oscar Gustaf Adolf (16/06/1858 - 29/10/1950), was the eldest son of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway.
King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden, Oskar Fredrik Wilhelm Olaf Gustav Adolf (November 11, 1882 - September 15, 1973), was the eldest son of King Gustav V.
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King Gustav V
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King Gustav VI Adolf
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