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John Bonaduce
1952 -
United States of America, PA
J. Bonaduce
John Bonaduce (01/08/1952), an American composer (from Philadelphia (Penns.). Having studied music at California State University at Northridge, John entered the world of liturgical music full time after his graduation from UCLA in 1990. Currently, John is the Director of Music Ministry at Our Lady of the Valley in Canoga Park, continues to direct Shantigarh at the popular 5:30 Mass at St. Bernardine's and serves as Liturgical Music Director and Choir Teacher at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks.
Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English texts
In memory of:unborn children
Label(s):World Library Publications 017278
'Few contemporary issues are as sorrowful and as contentious as abortion, and when musician John Bonaduce set out to compose a prayer service to remember the unborn, he too tried to catch - through music - glimpses of God's voice and healing breath in this issue. Over ten years the prayer service developed into a Mass, which was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Jan. 23, 2004. The liturgy, named the Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn, is a journey through Scripture. The very first words sung by a choir of more than 100 are from the Book of Wisdom: "Before the Lord, the whole universe is as a grain or a drop of morning dew. And though we are small his love is great, for he is Lord and lover of souls." Bonaduce said those words struck him as a perfect memorial for the unborn. "If the Lord can see us in a drop of morning dew, I invite the listener to see life in a single cell or in an unborn child. If God can make that reach, it's my hope that we can," he said..". Ellie Hidalgo, The Tidings Newspaper, January 16, 2004
"...an extraordinary musical tapestry that awakens within the hearer a profound love for God and each human person. An original without equal, the Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn should be sung accross this land.".
Author:Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles
Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn contains:
01. Lover of Souls (3:19)
02.Tell this Generation (4:05)
03. As the Deer longs (3:45)
04. Alleluia (1:36)
05. Prayer of the Faithful (2:34)
06. They who Believe (6:59)
07. Holy, Holy, Holy (1:17)
08. Christ has Died (0:55)
09. Great Amen (0:52)
10. Lamb of God (2:10)
11. Veni Creator Spiritus (4:27)
12. The Lord is my Shepherd (3:31)
13. Kingdom of Heaven (8:12)
14. This I Know (2:48)
"Civilized men and women must come forward and bury their dead," said John Bonaduce, music and choir director for the liturgy. The Requiem Mass, he said, elevates an aborted life from a discarded specimen "to a person deserving all the rights of a funeral. In a backwards way, we're building the personhood of those who were aborted."
This requiem is performed annually on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade (January 22) at the Cathederal of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles with Cardinal Roger Mahony as presider.
Author:John Bonaduce