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Peter Johns
20th - century
United States of America
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P. Johns
Peter Johns (20th century), an American composer.
Johns: "I have a degree in Creative Arts majoring in composition and music performance and I am currently the Director of Worship and the Arts for an alternative church community in Houston. I have written three full length musicals so far. Edensong and Requiem for Judas - a Parable of Grace for adults, and a show for children: Sheep - The Musical. I have also written a full length Tenebrae Service for choir and soloists that had it's world premier in Houston On Good Friday 2004. I am currently considering orchestrating the Tenbrae and working on a new children's musical about the secret lives of nativity sets (!) . I have very eclectic music tastes everything from Arvo Part to the Dixie Chicks but I am an almost obsessive collector of the works of Stephen Sondheim.
Requiem for Judas - a Parable of Grace
Composed in:1999
Musical form:musical
Text/libretto:Latin mass + English texts by P.Johns and Phillip P. Bliss
In memory of:Judas
Requiem (2006-2009) contains:
01. In Paradisum and Benediction
02. Introit and Kyrie
03. Dies Irae
04. Pie Jesu
05. Offertory
06. Sanctus
07. Agnus Dei (Man of Sorrows)
08. Benedictus
09. Libera Me

This musical Requiem for Judas - a Parable of Grace has 5 sections from the Mass. The sections are composed so that the English tanslation of the text is either sung as part of the peice or as a peice direcetly following it. This was deliberate as there are not many fluent latin speakers in West Texas. The other deliberate choice was to not set the text in a somber mood - to treat the text as a prayer of hope of Eternal Rest for the departed (In this case Judas). Texts by P.Johns and Phillip P. Bliss. Since 2006 I have adapted and expanded the Requiem portions from 'Judas' to create a full Requiem in memory of my parents, that will have its concert debut on September 11th 2009 performed by the Rice University Chorale.
P.P. Bliss (1838 - 1876) is the songwriter for many of our beloved hymns, a friend and companion of D.L. Moody and others, a soul-winner, and he died at the age of 37 with his wife in a tragic train accident.
P.P. Bliss