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Nicolau Manent i Puig
1827 - 1887
N. Manent i Puig
Nicolau [Nicolas] Manent i Puig (22/07/1827 - 02/10/1887), a Spanish organist, composer and maestro de cappella; born in Mahon, Minorca, Balaeric Islands, Spain, died in Barcelona, Spain. Church and dramatic composer, was flutist in the theatre orchestra of his native town, from his seventh to his fourteenth year ; went to Barcelona in 1847, and played the double-bass in the Teatro Liceo there, until 1851, when he became maestro de capilla at the parochial church of San Jaime. Works: 25 masses, mostly with orchestra; Requiems ; 2 Stabat Mater ; Misereres, O salutaris, litanies, etc. La tapada del retire, zarzuela, Barcelona, Teatro Liceo, 1853 ; Maria, do., ib., 1866 ; Tres para una, do., ib., Teatro Santa-Cruz, 1853 ; Gualtiero de Mousouis, opera, ib., Liceo, 1857 ; El convidado di pietra, ib., Circo, 1875 ; El pozo de la veridad, ib. ; Ballets ; El carnaval de Venecia ; Apolo ; La perla de Oriente ; La contrabandists de rumbo, and others, ib.
Composed in:1864
In memory of:Mateo Ferrer
Nicolau Manent wrote (together with Baltasar Saldoni, Rovira and others) a requiem mass, in 1864, for the death of his fellow composer Mateo Ferrer (25/02/1788 - 04/01/1864), which was performed at Ferrer's magnificent funeral by more than 300 singers and instrumentalists in the church of S. Maria del Mar.
Source:The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis