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Max Brod
1884 - 1968
Czech Republic
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M. Brod
Max Brod (27/05/1884 - 20/12/1968), a Czech writer, poet and composer (from Prague, Bohemia). He is best known for his historical novels, written in German, notably The Redemption of Tycho Brahe (1916, tr. 1928) and Reubeni, Prince of the Jews (1925, tr. 1928). A lifelong friend of Franz Kafka, he wrote an excellent biography of Kafka (1937, tr. 1947) and also edited Kafka’s writings. Brod’s numerous other works include a biography of Heine (1934, tr. 1956), an autobiography (1960), and plays, poems, novels, and essays. His musical compositions include works for orchestra, notably Requiem Hebraicum, and for voice and piano. Long an active Zionist, Brod left Prague for Palestine in 1939 where he directed the Habima Theater.
Source:The Columbia Encyclopedia 6th edition
Requiem Hebraicum
Composed in:1942
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Sh. Shalom
In memory of:the composer's wife
Requiem Hebraicum (opus 20) is for bariton and orchestra (or piano), written in memory of the composer's wife.