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Matthew Scott Phillips
1977 -
United States of America, AL
M.S. Phillips
Matt Phillips (1977), an American composer, born in Birmingham (Alabama). He has been composing music since 1996. During that time He has earned a B.A. in Music, with a Concentration in Music Technology, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and has been a practicing member of the Birmingham Art Music Alliance. His scores include four Symphonies, two String Quartets, and various works for Chamber Ensembles, and Chamber Orchestras. His Musical style has been described as leaning in a Classical/Romantic tradition, with some slightly more modern feels and philosophies. Matthew is currently pursuing Graduate level Studies and resides in Birmingham Alabama, United States.
Requiem: Last words
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:English text by the composer
This requiem is for mezzo-soprano solo only and is meant as a possible prelude to my 3rd Symphony. It is my first attempt ever at writing text, so be kind.
Author:Matthew Scott Phillips
I know the composer was going for an ominous and powerful solo voice prelude, but I don't think it will work without accompaniment. He suggested that it may be used to precede his 3rd Symphony, (and that makes sense since the themes are the same) so he already has a whole orchestra at his disposal for accompaniment. I definately think that the whole orchestra should NOT be used for this prelude. But maybe a solo violin from the orchestra could provide a counter-melody and a solo viola and cello provide harmony. I enjoyed the lyrics. They are very powerful, suit the whole idea of Mr. Phillips' 3rd symphony and would work well as it's prelude, but I think it can be so much better with some accompaniment. Other than what is mentioned above, it is well written and it seems very singable to me. The lyrics completely suit the motiv of the third symphony and I would love to hear a good mezzo-soprano sing this.
Author:Darren Russo
My first question regarding the words (since the composer admits this being a first attempt at setting his own words) is where the inspiration came from. My one criticism is the use of rhythm and the short phrases employed. One reviewer has criticised one of my pieces for being too rhythmically monotonous. I feel this piece falls into the same trap. The melody is very singable and memorable. The dotted-eighth-sixteenth-two-quarter-note rhythm is just overused.
Author:Craig Hawkins