Tsippi Fleischer
1946 -
T. Fleischer
Tsippi Fleischer (20/05/1946), a female Israelian composer, born in Haifa. She has become well known for her innovative and creative mind. Her roots are nurtured in the cultural pluralism of the narrow strip of land of Israel. In her works she combines the knowledge of the indigenous cultures of her homeland with the firm foundation of knowledge of Western culture which she absorbed during her studies. Tsippi Fleischer is also known as an educator, and some of her students have become composers and well-known conductors. She has set Arabic poetry to contemporary music and has achieved a unique synthesis of East and West. Her sensitive for color and sonority has been compared to that of Maurice Ravel and George Crumb.
As a diamond: a requiem for "Meitar"
As a diamond: a requiem for "Meitar" is for alto, baritone and symphony orchestra. Duration: 2'30".