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Jack Briece
1945 - 1988
United States of America, OK
J. Briece
Jack Briece (28/01/1945 - 26/03/1988), an American (from Oklahoma City) composer, organist, pianist, video producer, consultant, concert producer, writer and teacher. He died of AIDS in Aptos, California at the age of 43 on March 26, 1988.
Chris Brown, wrote a piece titled Post mortem (1984), for piano and digital delay. It reflects on an imagined transitionary state of mind, and also, more generally, on the nature of afterthought. This piece is dedicated to the memory of Jack Briece and Rick Terry. Cd-release: Snakecharmer ART 1001
Requiem for 4 instruments
Composed in:1966
Musical form:free
Requiem for alto voice, flute, trombone, cello. Duration: 5:00. It was published: American Composers Alliance. First performance: Fontainebleau, France in 1966.
Chris Brown