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Nicolae Bretan
1887 - 1968
N. Bretan
Nicolae Bretan (06/04/1887 - 01/12/1968), a Rumanian composer from Nasaud. He occupies a special niche in the history of Western music. In his several operas and prodigious number of art songs, Bretan looked to the essential nature of song itself, and to the capabilities of the human voice in regard to its expressive functions and possibilities. In this sense he can be compared to Gluck, and also, in the directness and "natural" qualities of his musical language, to Mussorgsky.
Author:Hartmut Gagelmann, translated by Beaumont Glass
Composed in:1932
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Nimbus Records 5584
Bretan's Sacred songs and his speak of the composer's difficult relationship with his religion, and through his expression of human concerns such as death, despair, guilt and loss, the notion of blind faith is rejected. Despite the ostensible theme of the disc, we might well conclude that Bretan did not write for the church, but rather for the soul.
The requiem contains:
- Introitus
- Graduale
- Dies irae
- Offertorium
- Sanctus
- Pie Jesu
- Agnus Dei
Duration: ca.22 minutes