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Henry Brant
1913 - 2008
H.D. Brant
Henry Dreyfuss [Henry] Brant (15/09/1913 - 26/04/2008), a Canadian composer (born in Montreal). He is considered to be one of the principal pioneers of 20th Century spatial music, writing work in which the planned positioning of the performers throughout the hall, as well as on stage, is an essential factor in the composing scheme. Born in Montreal in 1913, he moved to New York in 1929, and spent the next 20 years composing and conducting for radio, film, ballet, and jazz groups, while also composing experimentally for the concert stage. In his 72 years of composing, Brant has garnered major international recognition, including numerous awards and accolades ranging from two Guggenheim Fellowships, the Prix Italia (being the first American to win this award), and the American Music Center's Letter of Distinction, to major international retrospectives of his work and the designation of a Henry Brant Week in Boston by Mayor Kevin White. Brant's work has spanned the spectrum of styles and genres from tone poems and chamber music to ritual oratorios and symphonies.
Rain forest requiem
Musical form:free
In memory of:the rain forest
Soprano Michèle Eaton was a Vocal Chamber Music Fellow and premiered Henry Brant’s Rain forest requiem.
An American requiem
Composed in:1973
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:English texts of the Scripture
For soprano solo (optional)-4.2.2Ca.2.2B-cl.2.2Cbsn- percussion and organ.
C. F. Peters Corporation handles Brant's An American requiem (1973), published by Peters in 1976.