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Albert Jenny
1912 - 1992
A. Jenny
Albert Jenny (24/09/1912 - 22/03/1992), a Swiss composer and conductor. Albert Jenny spent most of his life in the isolated Swiss town of Solothurn, conducting and composing sacred choral music with little thought of it reaching a wider audience. Jenny's music is a testament to the power of the idea of life beyond an earthly existence. He is known by his Missa Dorica, a work on a smaller scale than the Masses of Bach and Mozart but marvelously constructed and replete with an intense spirituality. Nourished by the ensemble's fine tone, diction and phrasing, the outer movements stood out as towering pillars of unison choral writing.
Composed in:1949
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Rudolf Hägni
Requiem, for SATB choir a cappella (1949), Text: Jetzt, da die Flöten des Herbstes (Rudolf Hägni), Bem.: SMV 26 (1949)