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Pierre Bouteiller
c.1655 - 1717
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P. Bouteiller
Pierre Bouteiller (c.1655 - 1717), a French composer. Little is known of this composer: born around 1655, he began as a maître de chapelle in Troyes before moving on to Paris as “a player of the viol and other musical instruments.” He left only thirteen petits motets and a requiem mass, collected by Sébastien de Brossard. The traditional, sober and sometimes austere polyphonic writing of the masses by Cosset and Bouteiller contrast nicely with both the plainsong and the enticing, occasionally Italianate inflections found in the petits motets by French musicians of the time.
Author:François Filiatrault. Translation: Jacques-André Houle
Requiem pour Voix d’Hommes
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Glossa GCD 921621
Requiem pour Voix d’Hommes contains:
1. Prélude
2. Requiem Aeternam
3. Te Decet Hymnus
4. Requiem Aeternam
5. Méditation
6. Kyrie 1
7. Christe
8. Kyrie 2
9. Si Ambulem
10. Virga Tua
11. Offertorium
12. Offertoire
13. Méditation
14. Sanctus
15. Élévation
16. Elevatio: Pie Jesu
17. Élévation
18. Agnus Dei
19. Méditation
20. Postcommunio: Lux Aeterna
Source:booklet of cd Glossa GCD 921621
Missa pro defunctis: Requiem pour voix d'hommes was preserved after his death by the composer Sébastien de Brossard, whose Italianate Stabat Mater, along with various instrumental Méditations and an improvised Elévation for organ, completes Hervé Niquet's reconstructed Requiem Mass.
Missa pro defunctis
Composed in:1693
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Atma ACD 2 2259
Missa pro defunctis is for 5 voices and basse continue. The Missa pro defunctis (Messe des morts) in five parts remained only in manuscript form.
Author:François Filiatrault. Translation: Jacques-André Houle
Missa pro defunctis(1693) contains:
- Requiem 4'59''
- Kyrie eleison 3'25''
- Graduel: Si ambulem: Virga tua 3'10''
- Offertoire: Domine Jesu Christe 4'25''
- Sanctus - Benedictus 1'44''
- Élévation: Pie Jesu 3'24''
- Agnus Dei 1'55''
- Post-communion: Lux aeterna 1'55''
Source:booklet of cd Atma ACD 2 2259