Massari Spiritini
1966 -
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R.M. Spiritini
Riccardo Massari [Massari] Spiritini (1966), an Italian composer, born in Verona. He studied architecture in Venice, piano and composition in Verona (Italy). He studied Sonology at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of The Hague (Holland), as a student of Clarence Barlow, Richard Barret, Paul Berg, Joel Ryan and Konrad Boehmer. He obtained his composition diploma (Bachelor of Music) in 1999, and the second phase (Master of Music) in 2000, also at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of The Hague. He has attended Composition Masterclasses with: Louis Andriessen, Gyorgi Ligeti, Gyorgi Kurtag, Alessandro Solbiati, Walter Zimmerman and Frank Piquet.
Today Riccardo Massari Spiritini is focusing more and more on his own reserch. His work has also a strong link with the visual arts and there are crossovers with literature, theater, and poetry. His visual work Phisique du Role is to be visited in Musica e No, exposiction of National Galery of Florencia, together with works by Joan Brossa, Enrico Baj, Philip Corner and Giuseppe Chiari.
Beside his composer carreer Massari, is a great performer of live electronic music (turntable , samplers, computer). He performed with Maarten Altena Ensemble, in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam , works by Maarten Altena; and also in the Terza Prattica Festival of Amsterdam, in a duo with Cor Fuhler.
Ti ho incontrata a Barracão: requiem povero
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Musical form:free
Label(s):Cream Garden CGR 08 (2002)
Poetry and sounds. An old Portogues woman reminds the artist his Italian grandmother. Italian (voice of the author) and Portogues (voice Américo Rodrigues) versions appear on the same cd. Duration of 18’50" each version.
Contributor:Herman Ram